University of Toronto Academic Awards

President's Entrance Scholarship Program
If you are a domestic student studying at a Canadian secondary school or Year 1 of CEGEP, and your admission average is 92 percent or better, and you have completed each of the subjects required with at least 'A' standing, the University of Toronto guarantees you entrance scholarship(s) totalling at least $2,000 if you enroll in first year at U of T. Many students who meet these criteria will receive significantly more in awards from the University and/or their faculty or college. Because we want to recognize and support the many excellent students who apply to U of T, we have created the President's Entrance Scholarships for those who meet our threshold but who are not offered larger awards. The $2,000 President's Entrance Scholarship is our basic commitment to you.

Project Hero (see the eligibility requirements).
Inspired by retired General Rick Hillier and Honorary Lt. Colonel Kevin Reed, Project Hero is a program through which colleges and universities offer scholarships and bursaries for dependent children of Canadian Forces personnel killed while serving in an active military mission. The scholarship program will provide a $4000 scholarship, renewable for 3 years of study.

U of T Scholarships
The University of Toronto has comprehensive scholarship programs to recognize outstanding achievement at different levels of study. The University, its colleges and faculties, award approximately 1900 admission scholarships and over 4000 in-course scholarships every year. No application is required for most of these awards.

In addition to scholarships that recognize outstanding achievement, the University provides many awards which take into account financial need or other criteria. These awards require separate applications. For further information on these awards and their application process refer to Need Based Admission Awards and Other U of T Scholarships.

Many private companies and government agencies provide awards that are tenable at the University of Toronto. These are referred to under External Awards and are not governed by the University of Toronto. Further information on awards listed in this section must be obtained from the company or agency advertising the award.